AllProbe Environmental Inc

The Drilling Company Designed By A Former Consultant

Our Services

We provide the best possible services to assist you in delivering a successful project to your client in a safe, professional and efficient manner.

  • We have updated our fleet with many new drill rigs, vacuum excavators, trucks, excavators, trailers and lots of specialized support equipment.
  • Truck and track mounted geotechnical drilling rigs
  • SPT sampling
  • Rock coring, wireline and standard
  • Shelby tubes
  • Limited access drill rigs
  • Limited access hand sampling systems
  • Test pits
  • Excavator and all terrain track loader for cutting roads, access ways, grading and boring access
  • Landfill and grounds keeping maintenence – Brush hog, brush cutters, trimmers and mowers
  • Environmental drilling and sampling, soil, water, vapor and rock.  
  • Direct push, geoprobe, hollow stem auger, air and mud rotary drilling.
  • Monitoring well installation and abandonment injections
  • Air and water vacuum excavation/Air knife
  • Cathodic protection


Our Goal

The goal of Allprobe Environmental Inc. is to offer the best site support possible to contribute to the success of its client’s projects. Allprobe Environmental Inc. is not in the business of environmental consulting, it was designed by a former environmental consultant to offer the best and most possible services to environmental consultants from one subcontractor. My equipment was designed, for most applications, to be efficiently operated by one employee. This enables Allprobe Environmental Inc. to offer lower rates to its clients, while still providing an exceptional level of service. All of the equipment necessary to provide these services is contained within a tractor trailer, because of this mobility, the company can operate for extended periods of time in remote locations. Below are some of the services offered, but many more are possible. The equipment owned by Allprobe is very versatile, as well as the professional employees, additional equipment can be rented to assist you with any services you may need. Please call Greg Baker at (412)915-7046 to discuss any services Allprobe Environmental Inc. can provide for you. 

We provide the best possible services to assist you in delivering a successful project to your client in a safe, professional and efficient manner.

About Us

AllProbe Environmental Inc. (AllProbe) was established in 2005 as an environmental drilling, Geotechnical drilling , direct push, vacuum excavaon and remediation company located in the Pittsburgh area.  We are fully insured (including pollution liability coverage) and ready to meet your drilling and site work needs. I designed the company and equipment around the needs of environmental consultants based on my previous experience with a well known engineering and consulting firm.  The equipment was custom built to be time and cost effective in all terrain applications.  My office, warehouse and shop are all located within a tractor trailer.  This allows complete portability and the mobile space required to have extra materials at a site in case of scope of work changes or complications. Our track mounted drill rig is a Custom built AMS Power Probe 9630, which is equipped with powerful direct push 175 ft-lb hydraulic hammer and a two speed auger drive head with 5,000 ft-lbs of torque for hollow stem auger capabilities.  The drill rig is mounted on a Takeuchi TL150 compact rubber tracked all terrain loader. In minutes the drill rig can be detached and a bucket can be mounted on the all terrain loader for material handling, site grading, soil load outs and road building.  Numerous attachments are available that can be mounted and powered by the all terrain loader.

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