About Us


While attending The Pennsylvania State University I earned a degree in Earth Science from the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. I have minors in both “Geosciences” and “Watershed Management and Water Resources”. My thesis was “using seismology to define the shallow water table configuration and cone of pumping depression within rocky stream alluvium and colluvial deposits”. I completed The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Geosciences summer field school. My educational background was devoted to studying and understanding the dynamic and complex processes of this earth. My concentration was in the areas of hydrogeology and hydrology because I believe surface water and groundwater are vital to mankind and are also the most common pathways that contamination spreads.


As a consultant for a well known engineering and consulting firm I applied my educational background to numerous environmental assessment, monitoring and remediation projects. My educational background allowed me to understand the basics, then project managers, fellow employees, subcontractors, clients, experience and my problem solving skills provided me with the opportunity and ability to excel in the environmental industry.


The environmental industry is a very competitive field, it can be rewarding, but you have to have the competitive edge. For most projects, acquiring data is the first step of an environmental investigation. Decisions are made and the project proceeds based on the results of the initial data and interpretation. During my experience in the environmental industry, most of the data I relied on was from the subsurface, but obtaining that data was not always easy. Frequently I thought that just knowing how to operate a drill rig was not enough, because the person assisting me with gathering data did not know anything about why the data is necessary. I knew there was a better way to conduct subsurface investigations and collect soil/groundwater samples. I designed Allprobe Environmental Inc. to offer the best possible service for my clients. I have been on your side of the drill rig and can understand what you need to accomplish. Allprobe was designed to be very cost and time effective. My drilling rig was designed to offer the best site support possible with the combination of direct push, hollow stem augering, compact all terrain capabilities and the capability to remove the drilling rig and perform site grading, material handling, etc. The custom built Power Probe 9630 Skid Deluxe, manufactured by AMS, is an impressive drilling rig with extensive power for both direct push and augering applications. I know that the scope of work can always change and problems are encountered. Almost all of my support equipment will be available at the site, I try to always have more than extra materials at the site, my equipment maintenance and repair tools will be with me at the site. I designed this company from the problems I have encountered during projects in the past, and built this company to minimize them for my clients in the future.